Simplified fuel transfer


About Autofuel

Autofuel was founded by two petrol heads with different backgrounds. With one excelling in craftsmanship, practice and mechanics, having the skills of building and tuning cars since young ages. The other one being a theorist and racing driver who choose to study engineering. The one thing in common was the never ending interest in motorsports and innovation, building new or existing parts with different approach.
Another thing in common was the mindset of keeping things simple, and most of all affordable. Motorsport shouldn’t be hampered by the huge costs that always seems to come with it, and in the end scares away the biggest part of practitioners.
Our first commercially available products are the fueling rigs Autofuel Pro and Autofuel Mini which are made to simplify refueling without costing a fortune. More products are on its way, closest being wireless corner weights.




Feel free to contact if you have questions regarding any of our products!